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Hong Kong truly is a part of the unique countries in the world! It has something for everyone and you’ll fall in love with the vibrant bustling streets with shops and restaurants and sights to see like historic temples, natural wonders like Dragon’s Back, and other fun things to do like visiting a frozen exhibition or boarding a star ferry. You might think that Hong Kong is a boring country but it’s not. It has so much for you to explore and see that is a must for any tourist for a fulfilling experience in this special country.

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

The Victorian Harbour Waterfront

The Victorian Harbour Waterfront has a lot of fun things for you to explore like the ICC Tower, the recently renovated Avenue of Stars, and the Symphony of Lights. The ICC Tower has the Sky100 Observation Deck that offers 360-degree views of the city. The tower is open for visitors at 10:00 am but you should go there early around 9:00 am, trust me you don’t want to get caught in the rush hour that starts from 11:00 am.

Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars is a great way to see the advances or the history of the film and cinema industry in Hong Kong. Plus, it’s a lovely spot for a morning or evening stroll – you can admire the impressive skyline views. The harbor also has stunning views so be sure to charge up your camera because the views are worth photographing! The Symphony of Lights is a spectacular light show and you can see one by heading over to the harbor’s Kowloon side at 8:00 pm. It occurs regularly so head out any day.

Hong Kong Park

Up for a Picnic in the Park

While Hong King may be a modern city, it still has many wonders of nature and its parks are a lovely place to take a stroll, admire nature or have a fun picnic. The Cyberport Waterfront Park is a great place for a relaxing picnic and the park is dog-friendly so bring your furry friend out to stretch his/her legs. Tip: Bring a kite with you, the open grass field is ideal for kite flying.

On the other hand, the Victorian Peak Garden is a good picnic spot with seating areas like benches and it’s a calm oasis close to the busy part of Hong Kong. If you’re up for an adventure like hiking and camping, visit the Sai Kung East Country Park where you can hike to the summit of Sharp Peak or Tai Long.

Hong Kong Boat Ride

Take a Boat Ride

Seeing the Hong Kong skyline from the water is very different from any of the observation decks. Star Ferry has been taking passengers across the Victorian Harbour and you can find this iconic ferry at the Central Station or Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s best to avoid crowds in the ferry’s terminals and the best way to do this is to visit it from 7:00 am to 9:30 am and later in the evening from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

You can access the Space Museum, Harbour City Hall, and the Museum of Art from the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry. For an interesting experience, take a ride at night around 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm to catch the Symphony of Lights from the water. The IFC Mall, the Maritime Museum, and the Hong Kong Observation Wheel are close to the Central Ferry Pier. The Observation Wheel is in reality just a really big Ferris wheel – it’s 60 meters high!

Dive into the Food!

Chinese cuisine is rich and fragrant and the food in Hong Kong doesn’t disappoint. Chinese cuisine is rich in Cantonese foods like noodles, soup, fried dishes and sauces. One of the best restaurants to try traditional Cantonese food is the Lin Heung Teahouse which has really good service and Chan Kun Kee at Dai Pai Dong offers delicious drunken chicken – I loved it!

Seafood is also common in Hong Kong and the Aberdeen Fish Market Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant is the way to go about immersing yourself in seafood. They have a wide seafood market that you’ll love choosing from, and they offer seafood sets like one package has crab, scallops, fish and abalone.

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fiesta

Hong Kong is a vibrant country to visit and you’ll have so much fun at the Victorian Harbour with its views and the food is just so mouthwatering. The food’s the best part of any trip, right? You can experience nature in the modern city by visiting parks and even go hiking or camping in the wilderness. There’s so much to do and the experience is everlasting and filled with unforgettable memories.

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